Where Funds Go

1. Sports Pledge Police & Community Protection Fund.

This fund is in development and will be used to pay for legal and community support around major sporting events to ensure that women, children and vulnerable men have access to police support and interventions.

Department of Justice Assistance, U.S. Department of Justice
Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force


2. Sports Pledge Educational & Housing Fund.

This fund will be used for abused or exploited women, children or vulnerable men who seek housing and training to secure a safe life and vocation. Funds will be re-granted to organizations, such as Safe Horizon and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), who provide direct services for survivors.

3. Sports Pledge PTSD Recovery Program.

This program is intended to help women, children and vulnerable men who have experienced sexual exploitation or domestic violence to learn a potent PTSD tool called iRest© to help them move past the effects of abuse and into a positive future. The iRest Protocol is so effective that it was endorsed by the U.S. Army Surgeon General and Defense Centers of Excellence as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in 2011. Twenty clinical studies have been performed on its effectiveness, and a clinical study on the use of iRest for survivors of exploitation will be undertaken in 2016. www.irest.us.

4. Sports Pledge NGO Support.

NGOs are doing extremely effective work on the ground in protecting women, children and vulnerable men. The Sports Pledge Fund will select one or more NGOs per year and financially support the continuation of their work. Our key focus is to find NGOs that work with boys and men to become greater global citizens and NGOs that work with girls and women to empower and protect them. Our 2016 partners include:

End Rape on Campus

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity that receives federal funding. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment, sexual battery, sexual assault, and rape “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively bars the victim’s access to an educational opportunity or benefit.” Even a single instance of rape or sexual assault by another student, faculty, or staff member could meet this standard. EROC is an extremely effective organization that provides support, legal protection and advocacy for victims of rape on college campuses in the US.

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End Rape on Campus