Sponsors Pledge


Company: PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics

Signed By: Jody R. Weiss

Company: Sweet Riot

Signed By: Sarah Endline


Corporate sponsors spend billions of dollars a year sponsoring sporting events so they can showcase their products or services to fans. The Sports Pledge is inviting these companies to make a pledge to proactively protect women, children and vulnerable men through initiatives of their choosing. This includes the funding of increased police support at sporting events, consumer education, and placement of educational ads to transform old gender norms and messages to “winning for all”. With their pledge and funds, The Sports Pledge will work with law enforcement, city officials, and NGOs at sporting events to implement strategies to protect women, children and vulnerable men as well as to educate fans and players on conflict resolution skills to help them better navigate their emotions in the heat of competition and life.

Corporate sponsors who have Pledged do so as a way of stating that they do not sponsor events that reinforce negative gender norms or enable disrespectful or violent behavior.

As a corporate sponsor who cares about the well-being of our customers and the planet, we are committed to sponsoring events that reflect the ideals of fair play, respect on and off the field and sportsman-like behavior. This includes removing our support from sports programs that reinforce negative gender stereotypes that tear both men and women down. By signing The Sports Pledge, I vow that my company will do its utmost to ensure that the sporting events that we sponsor have considered the issue of gender equality, have policies in place to respond to violent or disrespectful acts during games or off the field and policies to insure that players who are not protecting women, children and vulnerable men from exploitation or violence are removed from playing. After all, we sponsor winning behavior and expect no less from the player and teams that we fund.

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